Short and Sweet: Art*nado

My precocious four year-old wanted to do an art project the other day. Being an artist, I feel that it is a cardinal sin not to indulge the little guy any time he asks to whip out the safety scissors and glitter for an afternoon of crazy-stuff-making. He was excited beyond measure that we refilled his stash of finger paints. So, before he had finished asking the question, he had already stripped his clothes off and was doing his pee dance in the middle of the kitchen. Seriously, who can say no to this kind of enthusiasm!?

I took a deep breath and said, yeah, of course, you can paint all over the refrigerator. But no painting the floor, or on the dog this time! Got it? Got it. Here we go…

Maybe 43 seconds later he was covered head to toe in finger paint. I’m not kidding. If I didn’t feel repulsed by the idea of posting a picture of him naked on the Internet, then I would, so that you, dear reader, can see what I mean. He had the gloppy sludge stuck in his hair, between his toes, all over his belly and cheeks and arms. He painted his butt a funky shade of magenta. His knees were painted green. This is what he painted on the refrigerator:


Can you guess what this is? If you guessed butt prints then you would be correct. The kid made butt prints on my refrigerator door!

He has an impressive portfolio of artwork in our house. The heater in the living room is covered in fat Sharpie graffiti; there are scratch marks in the floor from his interpretive dance marathons; he has broken the same window twice after launching his cars through the air while attempting to make cool prints on canvas; the dining room walls have chalk stains. He is a spirited child when it comes to the arts.

Leave me a comment with a story about your pint-sized art maker at your house!

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