100 Things To Do In Maine With Kids


  1.      Take a selfie with Paul Bunyan
  2.      Eat a lobster
  3.      Crab fishing
  4.      Skip rocks
  5.      Bon fire
  6.      Visit the DeLorme Map Store to see the giant rotating globe in Yarmouth
  7.      Potato sack race
  8.      Swim in the ocean
  9.      Charter a sailboat (some are inexpensive!)
  10. Cheer on the racers in the Bangor Canoe Race
  11. Count stars
  12. Climb Mt. Katahdin
  13. Flash light tag
  14. Collect insects in a homemade Pooter
  15. Make mud pies
  16. Mud pie food fight
  17. Take the ferry to Isleboro
  18. Camp in the backyard
  19. Make S’mores
  20. Catch frogs (don’t forget to release them!)
  21. Egg drop
  22. Fry an egg on the sidewalk (tin foil helps)
  23. Worm race
  24. Grow a garden
  25. Eat a watermelon
  26. Squish mud between your toes
  27. Eat a dandelion
  28. Learn to count to 100 in a foreign language
  29. Make a time capsule
  30. Cardboard Wars: Who can build the _______est thing
  31. Visit the Maine Discovery Museum
  32. Jump in puddles until you are soaking wet
  33. Rent the Goonies
  34. Make swords out of duct tape and cardboard then have a sword fight
  35. Be brave and let your child make dinner
  36. Stay up late and lay outside to watch the moon rise and the stars come out
  37. Explore tidal pools
  38. Lose an afternoon searching for sea glass
  39. See how far $10 can stretch at Goodwill
  40. Create a neighborhood scavenger hunt
  41. Volunteer a weekend to a noble cause
  42. Make vinegar and baking soda in plastic baggie explosions in the driveway
  43. Paint a room a funky bold color (oh, come on…live a little)
  44. Create a wild flower bouquet
  45. Lose and afternoon at the Bangor Sidewalk Art Festival
  46. Face painting
  47. Family food fight night (FYI: popcorn is the easiest thing to clean up)
  48. Wash your own car
  49. Pick raspberries or blueberries or blackberries
  50. Tell ghost stories around a campfire
  51. Grow a GIANT pumpkin
  52. Make a birdhouse
  53. Freeze tag
  54. Tug of War
  55. Four Square
  56. Jump in a lake
  57. Make homemade lemonade
  58. Visit the Common Ground Fair
  59. Request a tour of your local fire department
  60. Panning for gold the Black’s Woods (watch out, it’s haunted!)
  61. Walk the breakwater at the Rockland Harbor Breakwater Lighthouse
  62. Fill your living room with balloons and streamers
  63. Take a nighttime bath and toss in 25 glow sticks
  64. Dress up and throw a parade in your neighborhood
  65. Eat a dough boy
  66. Learn a magic trick
  67. Make blueberry jam…and dill pickles
  68. Visit the Pemaquid Oyster Festival in Damariscotta
  69. Walk through the woods
  70. Complain about blackflies at the Black Fly Festival in Milo
  71. Learn three constellations and spot them in the night sky
  72. Have a BBQ
  73. Create and play a nature scavenger hunt at Baxter State Park
  74. Turn your TV off for a whole week
  75. Make moth broth and paint it on a tree then check on it at night
  76. Check out your local farmers market
  77. Go on a whale watch
  78. Make your own root beer
  79. Eat a venison burger
  80. Eat a strawberry rhubarb pie
  81. Read a book under a tree
  82. Go fishing
  83. Lay on your back and count the all the different cloud shapes
  84. Run around in the rain
  85. Count the seconds between lightening strikes and thunder booms
  86. Chase fireflies
  87. Make ice cream
  88. Color a driveway with sidewalk chalk
  89. Commit to a summertime reading challenge
  90. Climb on the rocks at Schoodic Point
  91. Buy lobster or scallops or crap or _________ right off a boat!
  92. Visit the Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport
  93. Build a tree house or lean-to or something fun in the woods
  94. Have a family clam bake on a beach
  95. Make rockets out of film canisters, vinegar and Alka-Seltzer tablets
  96. Play on a tire swing
  97. Run through a sprinkler
  98. Play Twister in the grass (use tempera paint for the color dots)
  99. Build an inside obstacle course
  100. Throw spontaneous indoor dance parties on a rainy day
Sarah Cottrell

About Sarah Cottrell

Maine-based writer Sarah Cottrell is the voice behind Housewife Plus at the Bangor Daily News and is a regular contributor to Disney’s Babble and Momtastic. She is a co-author in six books including I Still Just Want To Pee Alone from the New York Times Bestselling series. Sarah’s work has also been highlighted and featured by SELF Magazine, National Public Radio, Washington Post, and VICE Tonic.