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Good Morning, Sunshine


4:32 AM Loud Child: Mom, I have tuh pee! Mom: Uh huh…go ahead…I’m listening…hurry up and come back…*groan* Loud Child: Mom, can I have some PBS and some juice? Mom: For the love of all things, child, go back to bed! Loud Child: (stomps into bedroom) 5:03 AM Loud Child: (CRASH!) Mom: (opens only one […]

Housewife Plus


Two years ago I finished graduate school and earned my MFA. During the final push to get my thesis completed I felt important and intensely smart. In fact, in those final months before commencement I believe I was probably the smartest that I’ll ever be. And then in one moment my role as a modern […]

I Have No Idea What I Am Doing

sarah goffy

My son has reached the age when he simply cannot resist asking 5,000 questions on every single observation or thought or confusion that he encounters. His curious mind has openly pondered why the dogs sniff each other’s rear ends and why the sun is trying to melt his popsicle (stupid sun). At some point in […]

The Mom Cold Vs. The Man Cold


There is a bug racing through the immunity at my house this week. My husband was struck down first. His eyes watered up, his nose started running like a leaky faucet. He got fevery and lazy and rented some movies to watch while he chugged orange juice and soup. We have been together for a […]