Say What?!

Welcome to Say What?!  where the hilarious and inspired musings of children are catalogued. This page will be updated each week with new zingers for you to enjoy!

“But I’m a dinosaur and dinosaurs don’t wear pants!” – Finn, age 4

While playing the game of life for the first time, he arrives at the “marriage” portion of the game.
Josh: Sigh, Do I *have* to get married?
Grown Up: In this game you do, but in real life you don’t have to if you don’t want to get married.
Josh: (wiping his brow) Phew! That’s a relief!!
– Josh, age 7

“Can I trade my brother?” – Lola, age 6

“Rules make me so tired.” – Tabitha, age 5

“If a girl tried to kiss me, I would turn into a frog and then throw up.” – Cole, age 7

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