Scary Mommy Debut

Scary Mommy

Housewife Plus is being featured over at the FABULOUS Scary Mommy today! You could say that I am stoked beyond measure as I type this up!!

The Mother of Rage is a short and funny essay about trying not to be the Mom who yells…but sometimes loses it and does anyway.

Check it out! Be sure to share it and leave a comment. While you are there be sure to cruise through the archives to read more from the amazing collection of Mom Bloggers!
Have a great day!
(big fat happy dance!)
Sarah Cottrell

About Sarah Cottrell

Sarah Cottrell is a member of the Stay-At-Home-Mom Club and proud herder of two loud boys. She earned her MFA in 2012 and then accidentally washed it in a load of laundry. Sarah's work can be found on popular websites like Mamalode, BlogHer, and Scary Mommy. Her work will appear in two new parenting anthologies in 2015.