Brewer Dairy Queen donation to bring smiles to Lafayette Family Cancer Center

DQYou know what is free? Kindness.

This is the most profoundly simple yet easy to miss lesson that I have learned while caring for my son who has a bleeding disorder. I see kindness everywhere around him. The doctors and nurses who keep him smiling and happy despite his fears remind me of this lesson each time we bring our son to the Lafayette Family Cancer Center for another round of treatment.

Kindness shows up in unexpected places. Last week my husband had a brilliant idea to buy a bunch of gift certificates for ice cream that our son could give to the nurses at LFCC. The nurses could give out the gift cards to kids who really need a smile. The same kids that my son asks me about each time we visit. Why do some of them not have hair? Do some of them bleed like him? Do they like The Wild Kratts and pizza too?

Not being able to afford the moon we called the local Dairy Queen in Brewer and explained what we wanted to do. The manager, Sarah Burnham, was sweet on the phone and sounded interested in our plan. I asked her if Dairy Queen could donate some gift certificates as well.

You know what she said?

She said yes. Dairy Queen would be happy to donate a few gift cards so that the kids at LFCC could have something as simple and joy inspiring as ice cream. We were thrilled by the generosity. A few days later we stopped by and picked up a combined total of 20 $10 gift certificates and gave them to the fine nurses at LFCC to hand out as they saw fit.

My husband has a peculiar ability to spot four leaf clovers in our backyard. He is forever saving them and giving them to our son for good luck. He picked through and found the nicest looking four leaf clovers and put one inside of each card. Maybe that one small act of thoughtfulness will make someone else’s day.

We hope so.

A special thank you to Brewer Dairy Queen manager Sarah Burnham and owner Thomas Thorne for the generous donation. We hope you see a few smiling faces from your act of kindness very soon.

Sarah Cottrell

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