5 Life hacks for cold and flu season

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lifehacksDays after Thanksgiving I heard the first sign…a sniffle…this was followed by some light-weight whining. My two kids were coming down with a cold. This nasty little bug flew through my house with reckless abandon and infected everyone. Now we are dealing with a Mom Cold, a Man Cold, and two sick kids.

In the name of sanity and all things comfort I turned to my medicine chest for quick fixes and tricks to make everyone feel just a little bit better while we wait out the course of this round of colds.

I’m sharing my top 5 favorite life hacks for colds and flu season with you.

Take a package of Jello and add the hot water as directed. Instead of chilling it, drink it! The gelatin in the Jello will coat your throat and help soothe sore throats. Honey does the same thing! Make honey and lemon tea by squeezing fresh lemon into a cup, add a teaspoon of honey and hot water.

If your kids are like mine then putting Vick’s rub on their little chests just invites curious fingers to get the gooey stuff everywhere…including in their eyes. A solution? Add a dollop of vapor rub to an infuser and let the room fill with the scent of menthol. Add some humidity by putting a pot of water on the stove or a cold water humidifier in the same room as your patient and you’ve got the perfect decongestant.

Press your finger on your forehead between your eyebrows while at the same time pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth for around 30 seconds. Believe it or not this really works if only for a few minutes of relief.

Place a couple of drops of garlic oil inside your ear and stuff with a cotton ball. Then place a hot compress over the same ear and rest for around 45 minutes. Remove the compress and cotton ball when you’re done. Garlic has antibacterial properties that can kill a bug fast while the heat soothes and relaxes.

At our house the couch becomes ground zero for sickness. The kids pile up with pillows and blankets, popsicles and cups of broth while they zone out to books or movies. Keeping the lights dim, the space warm, and the noise level quiet will help to promote rest.

I hope this season of holidays finds you healthy and well rested. And if it doesn’t then try some of these remedies and leave a comment with your tips for getting well!

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