Lof is all you need

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It is no secret around my house that 2014 has been a tough year. Our family experienced a significant cancer scare. My oldest son underwent an intense surgery that ultimately transformed the way we deal with his hemophilia treatments. We all caught Whooping Cough despite having been vaccinated against it.

I was thinking about all of these things (and more) yesterday as I was puttering around the house to put away toys and find something fun (read: not messy) for the kids to do for the afternoon. I walked into the kitchen and I saw this on the chalkboard:

It read, LOF.


My smart kiddo wrote his first word –with no help – he sounded it out and patiently and slowly wrote it.

My husband and I stood in the kitchen staring at this amazing word, lof. Our son wrote something. His reading lessons are working. He is curious enough to adventure into writing on his own!

Of course, I mom*ed it up by shrieking all kinds of Oh, My Gosh! Look! Wow! Oh, Honey, YOU ARE SO SMART! My son’s cheeks burned a little pink at his embarrassment of my excitement, but I couldn’t help it.

He spelled love.

It seems the perfect way to end 2014.

Lof is all you need…2015 suddenly doesn’t seem so darn stressful.




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