10 Things to do when you’re stuck inside during a snowstorm

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snowkidI think of snow as Mother Nature’s glitter bomb. It is lovely to look at from behind the safety of a window but once you enter it you become wet, frozen, and miserable. I dread snowstorms now that I have kids because it means two things. First, my kids will want to trudge through the frozen tundra that is our back yard to play in the white stuff, which leads to my second problem. The kids will become wet, messy, complaining, wiggling beings that will drag that white slushy stuff into the house.

So, in an effort to change my attitude about this end of times storm we have coming our way, I’ve devised a list of 10 things to do inside until the clouds part and the sun shines once again.

Darken a room, give the kids some flashlights, and grab a fabulous book to read while the kids act out the scenes with their hands to make fun shadows on the wall.

I know, I know, kids + helping does not always = fun for the parent. But for the sake of getting your kids through a storm with their wits about them why not let them make a giant mess in the kitchen while whipping up some crazy cookie recipe?

When my kids are going absolutely crazy I fill the bath with warm water and toys and I let them duke out their energy in the tub. At the very least they are staying put and I can sit down. Who cares if most of the water ends up on the floor. Or on me. The kids aren’t trying to kill each other!

4) TV
Yep. Needs no explanation.

My five year-old LOVES this game. I tape old cloth diaper inserts onto the bottom of his feet and I let him dip his toes in a bucket of soapy water and then dance/wash the dining room floor. He thinks this is the most ridiculous game ever invented. I think this is the most brilliant plan for getting out of having to wash the floor.

Grab all the pillows and blankets in your house, a couple of sheets and blankets, and build a giant fort on your living room floor. Turn on some fun music, grab those raisin, chocolate ogre cookies you guys destroyed the kitchen while making, and snuggle up in your new fort.

Give hide-and-seek a fun twist by trying to count to 10 in a foreign language. Or try having the kids sneak around to look for objects (al la scavenger hunt) while the counter is looking for kids just don’t get caught or you’re out!

Find a goofy object like a peacock feather from a craft and have a sword fight with feathers. Invent a game like pirates versus ninjas and let the kids go crazy.

Turn on some music and teach your kids the Electric Slide. Or the Running Man. Or some other hilarious blast from the past that will surely make you look ridiculous and inspire belly laughs from the kids. Call out animals and challenge the kids to try to dance the way they think that animal would. Try introducing some new music to your kids!

Remember that fort you built? Add some fun books and toys to it, toss in a flashlight, and tell the kids they are on the moon for rest time. Explain that in space there is no sound. Show them this by silently mouthing words and then challenge them to do the same for a little while. Viola! Quiet rest time!

What are some fun projects or games that you do with your kids when you are stuck inside? We’d love to hear from you!




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