It’s Really 10 Months Special Delivery: From Girth to Birth

10monthsIt is with GREAT pleasure that I get to tell you that It’s Really 10 Months Special Delivery: A Collections of Stories from Girth to Birth Edited by the marvelous Natalie Guenther, Kim Schenkelberg, and Celeste Snodgrass has hit the stores!

This book is a perfect gift for moms and moms-to-be! Filled with more than 30 of your favorite parent bloggers you will laugh out loud until you cry at the hilarious stories that will make any pregnant lady feel like she is in great company.

Housewife Plus fans will love the ridiculous story I share in It’s Really 10 Months Special Delivery in which I recount that awkward time I yelled at an old lady at Reny’s of all places. It wasn’t really my fault, though. To be fair, my blood stream was zinging and zinging with potent pregnancy hormones and so I was basically ready to smother love or get into a bar fight. Honest to Saint Pete, pregnancy can make a girl crazy, and my story Do Not Touch A Pregnant Woman’s Belly Without Asking definitely delivers the crazy!

But don’t just take my word for it! We are racking up the glowing reviews on Amazon – where you can order this awesome book – because who doesn’t love ridiculous pregnancy stories?!

To learn more about the book contributors check out the links to their amazing sites or Facebook fan pages here:

Susanne Kerns

Carrie Groves

Alessandra Macaluso

Holly Rust

Julia Goddard

Lynn Adams

Kathryn Leehane

Ashli Brehm

Richard Black

Teri Biebel

Bethany Meyer

Lea Grover

Chris Smyrl

Sarah Bregel

Emily Ballard

Meredith Napolitano

Christina Antus

Amy Hunter

Mary Widdicks

Jessica Azar

Melissa Charles

Lisa René LeClair

Sarah Cottrell

Sharon Buckley

Kate Parlin

Chris Dean

Lucia Paul

Cate Pedersen

Megan Traub Woolsey

Alice Gomstyn

Amanda Mushro

Megan Steusloff

Derek Bremer

Sarah Cottrell

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