Show us pictures of your worst Maine summer traffic nightmare

show us your worst traffic pictures

We’ve all been there. You allot the amount of time Google Maps suggests for your journey from Point A to Point B and even add an extra 20-30 minutes in just to be safe. And then, halfway through your drive, traffic slows to a crawl, or even a complete halt. Suddenly, you’re going to be late for dinner, or to check into your hotel, or to meet your Grandma for lemonade.

What do you do when you’re bored in the car? If you are like me, you sit and stew at how much you hate traffic and you wonder about just how late you’re going to be. If you have kids then you sit a stew and listen to your brood belly ache. Loudly. If you’re lucky enough to have screens to distract your passengers then you can chill out and relax. But when those batteries die you can’t avoid the old classic car game standby’s such as:

20 Questions

Animal Vegetable Mineral

Who Am I?

Eye Spy

Finish That Song Lyric

Find those games too boring? Try a new one! Take a picture of the traffic jam you’re stuck in right now or find pictures of previous jams you’ve been stuck in and share them in the comments below. Where is the worst traffic in Maine? Is there a particular weekend that is bad? Which is worse, the north or the south?

The usual suspects are Route 1 south of Rockland, Route 1A between Holden and Ellsworth, I-95 north on Fridays and I-95 south on Sundays. And don’t even get us started on the bottle neck that is Red’s Eats inWiscassett. But there certainly are other examples — where have you gotten hung up in summer in traffic in Maine?
For extra points, what are some of the worst examples of driver behavior in a traffic jam that you’ve witnessed?
Godspeed. Hope you don’t have to pee.