Do you make the ‘best’ s’mores?

S'more s'mores that are better than yours

It is not summertime in Maine until someone around a campfire declares that they make the best s’mores. Challenges for who can create the best ratio of chocolate to marshmallow are inevitably announced. The best part? There are no losers, only sticky faces, and happy campers.

The exact origins of s’mores are something of a mystery, although the first published credit goes to Loretta Scott Crew, a Girl Scout troop leader who in 1927 published the first known “Some More’s” recipe in Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts, and official Girl Scouts publication.

Since that publication, the classic two graham cracker sandwich with a bar of chocolate and a fire-roasted marshmallow has not gone out of style, in fact, it has become the quintessential summer camp treat with little change in more than 89 years.

Want to know how to make a classic S’more? Follow these instructions:

But why leave good enough alone, right? We asked around to see what folks like to add to their s’mores to make them “the best” and here is what they said:

“We use Reese’s Pieces or peppermint patties instead of plain chocolate”
Aislinn Sarnaki

“Whole bananas soaked in dark rum and then thrown on the grill or Almond Joys.”
Emily Burnham

“We like to change up what we do on the outside like use granola bars or cookies.”
Sarah Walker Caron

“We use Cadbury chocolate”
Shelby Hartin

“We add swirl strawberries into marshmallow fluff and put that on toasted crackers.”
Julie Harris

Now it’s your turn! What is your secret trick, tip, or ingredient to making the “best” s’mores?