3 terrifying stories to tell around a campfire

3 terrifying stories to tell around a campfire

CAUTION: Parental guidance suggested.

Telling spooky stories around a campfire is like a rite of passage. If you can handle these three stories, try them out with your friends on your next overnight camping adventure.

I still remember the goosebumps I got after hearing a story about a woman who had been backpacking through Ireland for some artsy photography project she had been doing. She camped out alone in fields, on beaches, in rural places where it was just her and the Irish landscape. After about a month of traveling she realized that she would run out of film soon (remember film?) so she decided to travel to one last spot before flying back home to the US.

The woman chose a secluded campsite several miles away from the nearest house. It had rolling green hills and a giant cliff where below she could hear the ocean crashing into the cliff’s edge. She pitched her tent and settled in, enjoying her last night of Irish skies and solitude.

When she got back home and developed all of the film from her bag, she got excited about all the great shots she had taken. Until she got the pictures from that last roll of film on her last night in Ireland. They were all of her. Sleeping.

If you love stories like that one then you’ll want to save the next three so that you can really creep out your friends out this summer.

The Green Ribbon

The best part about spooky folklore is that it gives you the chance to work out your fears. You can imagine the worst possible situations without harm coming to you unless you count losing sleep as harmful.

In many scary stories, there are similar themes or moral messages that occur over and over again warning us as a culture to behave in certain ways…or else. Like this next story, for example.

The Babysitter And The Man Upstairs

Mostly, though, scary stories are just great fun to tell. Gather a group of your friends around a campfire and spin tall tales about terrifying ghosts or haunted places and see who can tell the scariest or creepiest stories.


What stories did you hear as a kid that freaked you out? Got a good one? Share it with us!