‘Bert and I’s’ bone-dry Yankee punchlines will make you nostalgic

When I was a kid, my family made an annual pilgrimage to my great-grandparents house in La Grange to help my great-grampy Vaughn chop wood. After eons of chopping his own wood, he had managed to lose a few fingers. My cousins and I would prowl around on the look-out for foxes or bears or whatever else my aunts and uncles warned us about, and then we’d all eat a big lunch or supper together.

The best part of those pilgrimages were the funny stories passed around that left the grown ups all holding their sides in fits of laughter. The humor they shared was distinctively Maine.

That is when I learned about the legendary ‘Bert and I’, a comedic duo, Marshall Dodge and Robert Bryan, that started out in a Yale dorm room when they started making silly recordings of Maine humor. Their stories were beautifully told with dry punchlines and thick Down East accents, which is what made legends in the world of comedy.

Listen for yourself as ‘Bert and I’ try to give directions in Which Way To Millinocket?

You tell us, what are your favorite ‘Bert and I’ stories?