Eight pit parties that got busted in Maine

pit parties

Can you really say you’re from Maine if you haven’t been to a pit party before 21? Maybe, but for these fine Mainers, the mischevious experience of throwing an elusive pit party ended with a bust.

For those of you who were total nerds in high school, a pit party is a gathering of hooligan youth at a local gravel pit that allows for a bonfire, sometimes guns to shoot cans with, lots of cheap beer, really bad music, and the misguided belief that you won’t get caught.

Here are eight pit parties that got busted:

Police break up gravel pit party

“Several deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department converged Saturday night on a remote gravel pit in Big Lake Township, where about 100 people had gathered around a bonfire. With rocks being thrown at them and fires being set in the surrounding woods, they ended up issuing more than 35 summonses.

It is believed the partygoers were celebrating the Woodland High School prom, Sheriff Donnie Smith said Monday.”

14 charged after sheriff’s office busts underage drinking party in gravel pit

(MACHIAS, Maine, 2010)
“About 150 people were partying in rural northern Hancock County when their boozy shindig was busted by the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office, according to a report released Monday by the office.

Around 1 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 1, deputies responded to reports of a large party in a gravel pit on Hinckley Brook Road, near Black Cap Mountain.”

15 central Aroostook teens charged with underage drinking after police break up pit party

(CARIBOU, Maine, 2014)
“State and local law enforcement officials broke up a pit party last week and as of Tuesday had charged 15 with underage drinking with more likely to be charged, according to Caribou Police Chief Michael Gahagan.

Using information received through tips, observation, and social media sites, members of the Aroostook County Underage Drinking Task Force determined a party was planned for the evening of June 27 in a pit just off Albair Road in Caribou, Gahagan said.”

Minors, adults face court action after Houlton police bust up drinking party

(HOULTON, Maine, 2012)
“Adults and a number of minors are accused of alcohol offenses after a party busted by the Houlton Police Department on Sunday morning.

Police Chief Butch Asselin released the information Tuesday evening after charges had been lodged against the individuals.

Asselin said Tuesday that the incident began just after 5:30 a.m. Sunday when Officers Stephen Nason and Ezekiel Collins investigated a call from the area of Green and South streets.”

Underage drinking party at Wallagrass gravel pit leads to charges against 18 minors

(WALLAGRASS, Maine, 2014)
“A drinking party at a local gravel pit led to charges being filed against 18 minors, according to a release from the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Maine State Troopers and Game Wardens responded on Saturday to a wooded area in Wallagrass for a report of a party involving minors. After searching the area, the troopers and wardens located the party in a gravel pit and found several minors that had been consuming alcohol. Eighteen minors were charged with possession of alcohol by consumption and one minor was charged with a zero tolerance driving violation. The parents of the minors were called and notified of the incident.”

Sheriff breaks up party after report of underage drinking, 18 charged

(WHITEFIELD, Maine, 2016)
“The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office arrested a 50-year-old man and summoned six adults and 11 juveniles at a party on Main Street in Whitefield on Saturday night.

Deputies located the party at about 9:20 p.m., according to a news release from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.”

15 charged in Appleton pit party

(APPLETON, Maine, 2015)
“Fifteen people were issued summonses after police broke up an underage drinking party in a gravel pit.

Deputies from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office responded early Sunday afternoon to an anonymous complaint of a party at a gravel pit off Collinstown Road in Appleton. Deputies found approximately 50 people around a bonfire in the gravel pit, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Many of the people ran for the woods as officers arrived, according to Chief Deputy Tim Carroll.”

Four injured in stabbing at `pit’ party > Broken bottles, knives used

(PITTSFIELD, Maine, 1995)
“A large fight at a “pit” party on the Johnson Flat Road in south Pittsfield resulted in four people being stabbed, either with broken bottles or knives.

According to Pittsfield Police Chief Steven Emery, two Pittsfield officers responded to a call for assistance from Clinton police officer Steven Trahan about 1:30 a.m. Sunday. When officers Patrick Cumba and Fred Dunn arrived, they discovered four injured men. Three were taken to area hospitals for treatment.”

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