Monthly Archives: October 2016

Do you have what it takes to live in a tiny house?

When folks start getting all excited about living in a tiny space they don’t generally think about the lifestyle changes you must make in order to contain your life in a measurable square footage.

The ultimate guide to storing food for a Maine winter

  October is here and with it comes frost, first wood stove fires, wool socks, and – if you live in my house – a list about a mile long of what to do about food storage. With a family of four and the Farmers Almanac calling for another winter of below freezing temperatures and […]

What should I do with my kids on a rainy day?

The weather forecast calls for rain (sad trombone sound.) If you’re a parent this means scrambling to find something to do to entertain your kids who will inevitably start climbing the walls (at my house literally) with all their excess energy. Here are a few ideas to keep them busy and you sane. Break out the […]

10 life skills every kid should have so they won’t move back home

Every kid should be taught these basic life skills before they grow up.

How to make your child’s trip the ER go faster

No one likes having to go an ER, but if you have to go, especially with a child, here are a few tips to remember to help expedite your trip and get your little one back home and comfortable as soon as possible.

This baby bear kiss is everything you need to be distracted from the elections

“OMG, stahp it, internets!” is probably what your reaction is after watching this adorable baby bear try to kiss this equally adorable baby deer. Black bears are omnivores and have a generally plant-based diet, but they do eat small animals and carrion. Sometimes, when pushed by hunger, they will take down a small deer or […]

Get rid of fruit flies once and for all

I read once that fruit flies won’t actually hurt you and that they are pretty darn awesome in term of research due to their 50-day lifespan and ease to work with. Since I am not a scientist, though, I have zero desire to have these little pests flying around my kitchen. Every single year we get […]