Bottle-flipping is a thing and parents everywhere are deeply annoyed


Remember the cup song craze that had kids everywhere slamming cups on tables while clapping their hands to a beat that only they could hear thanks to the movie Pitch Perfect? Well, that has been replaced by bottle-flipping, a harmless but incredibly annoying game that has parents everywhere reaching for the Tylenol.

Bottle-flipping is exactly what it sounds like, kids grab a bottle half filled with water and then flip it in the air in hopes of landing perfectly on its bottom. If you ask me, this sounds like beer pong training; a completely useless activity with zero skill building but hours of relentless fun. And bonus? It appears to annoy the crud out of parents, which is a win for kids everywhere.

Bottle-flipping has been trending for a while, but apparently exploded in popularity after this video of a student competing in the Senior Talent Show at a high school in Charlotte, North Carolina. This video has been viewed millions of times and has turned into a cult-status gold standard for what the perfect bottle-flip looks like.

Parents, behold: