Parents brace yourselves, Halloween falls on a school night

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What is more spooky than a pack of ghoulish children running around with a sugar high? The fact that they will do this ON A SCHOOL NIGHT. That’s what.

This year Halloween is on a Monday – the start of a school week – and every kid in my town is already jittery with excitement about staying up past bedtime to prowl the neighborhoods in search of sugary loot while dressed as superheroes and scary monsters.

Unfortunately for parents and teachers, these same kids will have to get up early the next day and head to school because it will be Tuesday. Let’s just pause for a moment and send up a little heartfelt vibe of “good luck” to every teacher who will have a troupe of grumpy kids to watch for an entire day.

To keep your wits about you during this most ill-timed holiday of fun try some of these tips:

  1. Make sure your kids eat a well-balanced, healthy meal before they head out to trick-or-treat.
  2. Create a solid trick-or-treat plan for where you’ll go and how long you’ll be out.
  3. Set firm limits on time to ensure that the kids are home in time for a reasonable bedtime.
  4. Once home, don’t let your kids have any candy!
  5. Instead, offer them a fun small toy that they can play with for a few minutes while you brush teeth, get on pajamas, and do the nightly bed routine.
  6. The next morning, make sure your kids get a healthy and nourishing breakfast in their bellies to help them get through the morning at school.

Some parents swear by the Switch Witch tradition. Before Halloween run out to a kids store and pick up a few small toys or books. Then, after Halloween is over, have your kids trade a portion (or all) of their candy for non-edible goodies that they can enjoy longer.

Happy Halloween! May your little ghouls make it through the next day unscathed.

Sarah Cottrell

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