Monthly Archives: November 2016

Three DIY wood stove fire starters that double as holiday gifts

Maine winters may be cold but they mean cozy nights in front of the wood stove, flannel shirts and wool socks, hot chocolate, and the holidays. Who doesn’t love that?! This year as we get our wood stove ready for another season of fridged temperatures, I needed to find some fire starters that are easy to […]

Six things not to buy on Black Friday

  CAUTION: Video at the end of this post has some colorful language and violence. Because Black Friday brings out the best in humanity. Black Friday is about a week away and if you are anything at all like the people in my family then you’re probably already counting your dollars and making giant lists of […]

Why the holidays are the worst time to donate to food pantries

BDN | Brian Feulner

You’re probably feeling pretty generous right around this time of year and you want to load up a bag or two of food and head over to your local food pantry. Scoring some annual do-gooder points generally makes a person feel like they have an extra spring in their step. This is a great impulse […]

Know your rights if you plan to take a ballot selfie

Maybe it is because selfies are taking over the world. Or maybe it is because this particular election is historic for the fact that a woman is running with a legit shot at winning. Or maybe it is that this election is by far the most bizarre and contentious is US history. Whatever the reason, […]