Six things not to buy on Black Friday



CAUTION: Video at the end of this post has some colorful language and violence. Because Black Friday brings out the best in humanity.

Black Friday is about a week away and if you are anything at all like the people in my family then you’re probably already counting your dollars and making giant lists of things you hope to score at steep discount prices when the doors burst open at the stroke of midnight.

But, before you get all hopped up on visions of cheap loot, do yourself a favor and consider avoiding these six big ticket items.

Winter outerwear

While it may seem tempting to buy winter outwear and outdoor gear this is exactly the wrong time of year to do it. Retailers know that you will have this on your list and they are counting you to not remember that by the time February and March roll around all of this outwear and gear will be significantly marked down.


Sure, you might see some deals, but don’t look at those prices again roughly two weeks before Christmas because you will be disappointed when you see that same toy you bought for 30% off is now nearly twice that much off.


Tools never go out of style and are always a big hit gift for the mechanically inclined in your life. But, fair warning, the holidays are a terrible time of year to purchase tools, in fact, if you want to get the best prices on those torque wrench sets then wait until Memorial Day and Father’s Day are on the horizon since those are typically when consumers will see the biggest savings.


There is a time of year for everything. October is pumpkin spice season, December is peppermint season, and bedding is post-holiday season. Think of this one as something of a staple because you can always count on bedding, especially Egyptian cotton sheets, feather down, and fancy print comforters to go on sale in late December.

Holiday wrapping and decorations

Literally, the day after Christmas is when you want to buy anything wrapping or holiday decoration related.

Fitness equipment

Save fitness equipment for right before or right after New Year’s when everyone is making those resolutions lists to lose weight when we all know a majority of them won’t stick to their plan. This is the best time of year to take advantage of deals on treadmills or memberships to gyms and the like.

And don’t forget, you don’t actually have to go out and throw some elbows around in order to save on a coffee maker, you can sit at home in your pajamas and drink hot toddies while shopping online.