Three DIY wood stove fire starters that double as holiday gifts

wood stove

Maine winters may be cold but they mean cozy nights in front of the wood stove, flannel shirts and wool socks, hot chocolate, and the holidays. Who doesn’t love that?! This year as we get our wood stove ready for another season of fridged temperatures, I needed to find some fire starters that are easy to make and use.

I was surprised that to find that making firestarters is quick and cheap and that the instructions look a lot like family-friendly craft projects. These three short video instructions below will walk you through how to make enough wood stove fire starters to get you through the winter. They can also double as homemade holiday gifts, especially the last one!

Egg carton + lint

This is a simple project that you can even have your kids do with you. Collect an egg carton (not a plastic one) and fill it with dryer lint and melted wax. Let dry. Cut out the egg cups, light one with a match and place in the wood stove. Simple.


Pinecones + twine

This project might actually make a lovely homestead gift for the holidays. You will need a muffin tin, wax, twine, and dry pine cones. Wrap the twine around the pinecones a few times, from the bottom up, making sure to leave a tail. Melt the wax and fill the muffin tin cups about halfway then place pinecones in the tin, make sure the tail is not submerged. Let set. Pop out of the muffin tin, light with a match and set in a woodstove with kindling.

Holiday scented fire starters

This is a great idea for gift giving or for making your home smell nice for the holidays. You’ll need molds in whatever shape you want – in a pinch muffin tins work just fine – wax, candle wicks, small dry pinecones and spices such as star anise, cinnamon, clove, bay leaf and dried citrus peels. Melt the wax and fill mold cups about 1/3 of the way, set in spices, small dry pinecones, and candle wicks then fill with more melted wax to the top of the mold cup. Let set. Pop fire starters out of mold and wrap in decorative tissue paper and twine for a lovely finish.

Have you ever made wood stove fire starters? Leave me a comment with tips, tricks, and new fun materials to try!