The mystifying death of this woman is just the beginning of her story


If you’re familiar at all with the hit Broadway show Hamilton, then you know all about the famous duel in which Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in 1804. When the smoke cleared, Burr fled to South Carolina where his daughter, Theodosia Burr Alston lived with her family. Skip ahead to 1813 and we find Mrs. Alston boarding a schooner called the Patriot, which had been a privateer. A privateer was basically a pirate ship under contract to perform warfare for hire. This particular vessel had such a checkered past that it had to be refitted with its guns hidden below deck and the exterior repainted in order to disguise it from recognition.

Theodosia boarded that ship and neither she nor the ship was ever seen again. In the wake of her apparent death, there has been a lot of rumor about her final hours of life. But the most fascinating idea about Alston’s death has come not from historians, but rather from the delightfully talented Andra Watkins, who steps into the murky details of Alston’s death and draws some adventurous and thrilling conclusions.

hard to die hard to die back cover

America loves to tell and retell the story of Aaron Burr, but now Watkins has cast Burr’s daughter, Theodosia into the tumultuous plot in this speculative fiction novel that will have you white-knuckling each page. Watkins, author of To Live Forever: An Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis created an amazing plot line of characters stuck in a sort of post-death limbo where they are given assignments that require them to interact with the living in order to save a life or change an outcome. If the ghost fails then he or she will be forever forgotten by history. In Watkins’ new book, Hard to Die, we meet Theodosia as she struggles to accept that she has died and that she must hustle in order to complete her assignment or risk being obliterated from all time.

The genius behind this second knock-out novel by Watkins is in how she masterly weaves together elements of history, action, and suspense with a dash of spooky paranormal that will leave the reader’s imagination tingling with delight. As Theodosia is being chased down by a menacing figure who in life was the sharp rival of Aaron Burr, she is working to save a young West Point cadet who is also dead and who is being forced by the same menacing figure that haunts Theodosia into returning to life to become a spy. You guys, this gets intense.

If you love the kind of book that you cannot put down and that will make your heart race and your brain sweat with anticipation then Hard to Die is perfect for you. You can download a sample of the book here or order a copy from here.