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Giving birth in Maine can cost an average of $20,000

Being pregnant is hard enough when you’re worried about how much car seats, daycare, and diapers are going to cost. But when you start to ponder just how much your actual bill for giving birth is going to be, stress takes a sharp left and jaws begin to drop. I saw this Vox video that freaked […]

10 Hilarious moms on Facebook

We may not all agree on politics – as we saw with this dumpster fire of a week – but we can at least all agree that snarky moms are super funny. Check out these hilarious memes by some of the Internet’s favorite mom humorists. Mom Cave TV Looks like she needs to go to […]

This is what the power of protesting women looks like

If you follow this blog or my public page, Housewife Plus, then you know that I am a feminist and that not only do I fully support the Women’s March on Washington, but I live-blogged the events as they unfolded as friends from the US and around the globe sent me moving images and video of […]

Proposed time zone change will make parents cry tears of joy

Twice a year, parents everywhere sputter total obscenities under their breath as they try in vain not to freak out over the dreaded daylight savings torture. They do this because kids are like ticking bombs and when you mess with their routines, sleep, or schedules then you’re sure to have an explosion. Fun times. Skipping […]

One mother’s inspiring story of overcoming loss

Brea Schmidt - Miracle Machine

The following content is a guest post by Brea Schmidt of The Thinking Branch. More information on how to become a guest blogger for Housewife Plus can be found at the end of this post. Thank You, Miracle Machine. You Can Take A Rest Now By Brea Schmidt My youngest turned one a couple of […]