Life hacks to relieve four annoying symptoms of cold and flu


Catching the flu or common cold is the absolute worst. If you are sick as a dog and looking for some quick remedies that you can concoct from stuff you probably already have in your kitchen then try some of these.

For sore throats try these

Grab a pack of Jell-O gelatin and rip open the packet, dump into a teapot, add hot water as directed, and drink up! The gelatin will coat your throat and help soothe the hoarseness.

Honey and lemon will do the same thing. The added benefit? The lemon is packed vitamin C and the honey has antibacterial properties that can help get you feeling better faster. Using hot water will help open up your sinuses and relieve some of the misery of congestion.

For a runny nose try this

Without laughing (or rolling your eyes) try pressing your forehead between your eyebrows and simultaneously press your tongue to the roof of your mouth. These are pressure points that when engaged will give you temporary relief from a runny nose.

Also, try steaming with eucalyptus. You can buy springs of fresh eucalyptus to hang in your shower or concentrated essential oil (keep away from pregnant women and children) add a few drops to your shower floor, turn on the hot water, climb in and try to breathe.

For earaches try these

Place a few drops of sweet oil such as olive directly into your ear canal, plug with a cotton ball, then cover your ear with a hot compress. A wool sock filled with hot dry rice will do the trick. Rest until the compress is cooled and repeat.

You can try garlic oil too, just like the honey mentioned above, garlic also has antibacterial properties that kill what ails you.

Another trick that we swear by in this house is the onion muff. Take a large onion and cut in half so that you see full rings. Take out the center so that you are left with a cup formation, then steam the onion on a stove or microwave for a few seconds just long enough to get it hot. Cover the affected ear and then cover all of that with a cloth to prevent stinky odors. The heat along with antibacterial properties in the onion will soothe the horrifying pain of an earache as well as help cure the problem.

Body aches and chills 

Body aches are awful to deal with. Try drawing a warm bath with Epsom salt to help alleviate muscle aches. Keep the lights dim and find a comfortable and quiet area to just zone out in. At our house, we like to make sleeping masks out of wool socks and dry rice, add some lavender oils and heat it up before placing over your eyes…it is very relaxing. Keeping your head propped up will help prevent sinus aches, and in general not moving much will let your body rest enough to get better.

Good luck this cold and flu season!