The Bangor Mall was dead to me when Gap left

Bangor Mall | Ashley L. Conti | BDN

People are waxing poetic and (kind of) freaking out over the big announcement this week that Macy’s will be closing the Bangor Mall location this spring. I admit that I raised an eyebrow at this since I’ve been saving my pennies to go in there and buy all the Fiestaware I’ve pinned on Pinterest. But thankfully, Macy’s will still be online.

Aside from wanting shiny colorful plates, I honestly don’t think I’ve had any inclination to even go to the mall since Gap left. I LOVED the Gap and was a regular shopper throwing elbows at their clearance racks where I would score amazing deals on “vintage” jeans and ‘favorite tees’.

This got me wondering, do people even go to the mall anymore? Target has taken over the world and when you don’t feel like wearing pants or dealing with people you can order almost anything man-made from Amazon and have it delivered to your door. But the mall? That was so 80’s, maybe even a little bit 90’s, but mostly now an overpriced, out of the way place that doesn’t have what I’m looking for.

The mall was the place where fake green plastic trees and gold paint coated trash cans that doubled as ashtrays dotted the mile-long corridors. When I was a kid, I remember sitting on the benches in those smoke filled oases and listening to my grandmother carry on conversations with my mother and aunt about what a blasphemy it was that some people had the audacity to want to keep stores open for shopping on Sundays.

When I got a little older, I would strut through the mall with my friends and drool over clothes at the Gap, get brain freeze at the Orange Julius, and try to see how far I could stretch $6 at Claires, where everyone got their ears pierced.

But, oh how times have changed. The mall is now the place I cut through to get from Old Navy to Starbucks with a quick pit stop at Target where I throw all my money at housewares, cleaning supplies, and kids clothes. I’ll be a little bit sad to see Macy’s go, but more curious to see what transformations the mall will take. But mostly, I miss the old days of the mall when everything was like this: