10 Funniest moms on Facebook

Sometimes parenting is just so exhausting and frustrating that the only way to really blow off steam is to either flip your kid off behind his back (no, no, don’t do that) or flip on your phone and scroll through Facebook to laugh at the witty memes that other worn out moms post.

For the heck of it, I thought I’d share some of my favorite funnies with you. Yes, I threw one of my own in too, because OF COURSE I DID. 🙂

1) Ramblin’ Mama

 2) The Outnumbered Mother

 3) My Life Suckers

 4) Mom Cave TV

 5) Housewife Plus

 6) Mommy, for real

 7) Rants From Mommyland

 8) Sara Green

 9) Ramblin’ Mama

 10) Bad Parenting Moments