This is what the power of protesting women looks like

If you follow this blog or my public page, Housewife Plus, then you know that I am a feminist and that not only do I fully support the Women’s March on Washington, but I live-blogged the events as they unfolded as friends from the US and around the globe sent me moving images and video of what was happening.

My heart has been filled with love and pride and my eyes filled with tears. In gratitude and love, I offer up some of the highlights that made me shout for joy.

If you missed the Women’s March but still want to participate, you can. The founders of the Women’s March on Washington created 10 actions for the first 100 days of the Trump administration. You can click here to get started right now.

Mainers in Washington



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MDI marchers ready to roll. #womensmarch

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Ready to rumble. Ish.

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Washington DC

When Alicia Keys got up and I BALLED LIKE A CHILD!

And finally…

Watch this informative and inspiring short video on what intersectional feminism is and why we need it so badly.