Giving birth in Maine can cost an average of $20,000

Being pregnant is hard enough when you’re worried about how much car seats, daycare, and diapers are going to cost. But when you start to ponder just how much your actual bill for giving birth is going to be, stress takes a sharp left and jaws begin to drop.

I saw this Vox video that freaked me out to no end. Basically, according to this, hospital bills are essentially created through some mystifying alchemy.

But in Maine, consumers can use a handy dandy website, that will tell you exactly how much your procedure will cost.

According to this website giving birth in Maine is super duper pricey. Here are a few price points that caught my attention:

The state average for a vaginal delivery is $11,276. The most expensive vaginal delivery in Maine is at Maine Medical Center in South Portland with a price tag of $13,558. The least expensive price listed goes to Rumford Hospital at an attractive $6,545.

The state average for cesarean delivery is $20,163. The most expensive cesarean delivery in Maine is at The Aroostook Medical Center with a price tag of $25,946. The least expensive cesarean delivery price listed goes to Central Maine Medical Center at a less scary price of $13,532.

And those are just the delivery costs. As any woman who has ever been pregnant and followed sound medical care will tell you, all the prenatal care and appointments get expensive super fast.