How to whistle with your fingers like a manly man

I am a mother of all boys and married to a manly man. This means that I have had more than my fair share of fart jokes, burping contests, and other goofy boyish behaviors presented to me as a form of love.

Recently, my manly little dudes saw a character in a movie do the unthinkable: he whistled – LOUDLY – with his fingers in his mouth. For the next few days, my sons marched around the house with drool covered fingers as they tried in vain to figure out this masterful noise. Being the mom, of course, means that they asked me about 10,000 times, “Mom! How do I whistle with my fingers?!”

And like learning how to make fart noises with my armpit and a straw (I’m the undisputed champion at my house, in case you’re wondering) I now had to learn how to whistle with my fingers.

Thank goodness for Google.

One search and ten seconds later and I was making the first sputtering attempts at whistling with my fingers too.

Here are the basic steps:

ONE: Press your thumb and index finger together like you’re making the ‘OK’ gesture at someone.

TWO: Wet your lips and then press them over your teeth to completely cover them.

THREE: Stick your ‘OK’ sign in your mouth, over your lips, and push your tongue back a bit. Then blow.

FOUR: Nothing will happen for at least 5,000 tries. So watch this video instead:

[VIDEO can be found at the The Art of Manliness YouTube channel..]