I lost 7 pounds in 12 days without meaning to

Today is day twelve of a diet I never wanted to go on and so far, I have lost seven pounds. Let me back up a bit and explain.

Baby bump around 28 weeks.

I am 32 weeks pregnant with my third child (yay!) and a few weeks ago I started to have some wonky symptoms that I brushed off. My vision got blurry. I was unusually thirsty. My doctor ordered a standard one-hour glucose tolerance test. This is a test where you drink a vile concoction of orange colored sugar water that has 50 grams of glucose in it. It burns your throat. An hour later a nurse in training stabs you with a needle to take some blood and test how well your body handled the sugar.

The three-hour sugar test

My body, apparently, freaked out. So I was scheduled to take the three-hour test. Oh, joy. I failed that one too. This is when I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

So, no more of this:

Pie. It’s a food group.

Because my doctor’s office didn’t schedule a referral to the diabetes center for a little more than a week, I was on my own with limited understanding of what gestational diabetes is. So, of course, I turned to Google and Facebook.

And that is when I learned about and committed to a sugar detox program.

But first, I had a bit of a problem. I went into what we thought was labor. Coincidentally, the day that I woke up with contractions, I had an early morning appointment with my doctor. When I arrived – clearly in pain – they immediately brought me up to the maternity ward.

So, you know, no big deal.

Hospital bed…

I was hooked up to machines.

Fashionable Baby belts

After a few hours, the medical team got the contractions to stop and confirmed that it was false labor. “You have a cranky uterus” was the official diagnosis. I went home and instead of burying my head in a tub of ice cream, I rage ate a cucumber because I was not allowed to eat any darn sugar.

For days – that felt like years – I ate super duper healthy stuff that looks like this:

Gestational diabetes aside, quitting sugar is a labor intensive move that requires me to pay absolute attention to everything I eat and drink. In order to do it right, I picked out a program from a book called 21 Day Sugar Detox and I follow the food lists and eat directly from the recommended menu. I’m still eating 2,000 calories a day, because, HELLO, I’m pregnant.

And yet the weight is literally falling off of me.

There are no more pies in my immediate future thanks to my boss:

Diabetes blood sugar test kit

Giving up on sugar, which includes grains and processed foods (OMG, I miss cereal) has meant having to reshape my relationship with how much I eat and when. Food is no longer a thing that I can enjoy for comfort but has become fuel and medicine. Every single bite is planned on a schedule in order to maintain a somewhat level blood sugar count.

I hated this diet when I started it, and yes, I still complain (openly and loudly, just ask my co-workers) and now that I am rounding the corner of withdrawals from sugar (yup, they exist and they are awful) I am starting to feel so much healthier and better than I have in years.