Unicorn Poop Slime and other fun crafts for kids

“Snow day” are the words that every parent dreads to hear and every child relishes in. Since it looks like we’re in for a doozy of a storm over Tuesday and Wednesday here are a few hands-on projects for kids that you can do at home without losing your mind. You may need to turn a blind eye to the mess, though.

Thumbprint Dandelion

My kids have made a thousand iterations of this project and every time they do they love it. The supplies are cheap and easy to put out on table and there is very little parent interaction involved, which is great because the point is for kids to get lost in creativity for a while.

Spring Chicks Egg Carton Craft

Remember how yesterday we were all getting just a little bit giddy with the idea of spring coming? DON’T LOSE THAT FEELING, PEOPLE! Try this fun craft to use up old egg cartons. The kids will love it and when you’re done you have a fun little art project to display in your windows or glue a magnet on the back and stick them to your fridge.

TROLLS! Magnets

My kids are obsessed with this movie right now and chances are yours probably are too. Pull out some paper and scissors and have fun making this quick craft that you can then decorate your fridge with.

Unicorn Poop Slime

Slime is all the rage right now. I don’t know, I don’t get it either, but whatever, here is a really fun and sticky way to get some energy out for your kids. With just a few basic ingredients you can make your own Unicorn Poop Slime. Just saying that out loud is sure to get your kids laughing.

Magnetic Slime

My science nerd kids LOVE this one, and honestly? I kind of do too. We made a batch of this stuff once and it lasted forever. You can even look up different science experiments to put your magnetic slime to work.

DIY Lava Lamps

Get groovy with these science-based DIY lava lamps that will teach your kids about liquid density while also creating a fun experiment with light.

DIY Snow Paint

Hello, it’s snowing outside! Try adding some color to giant white blanket of winter with this fun, cheap, and super easy project that your kids can use to decorate the snowbanks outside.

Paper Airplane Landing Strip

Why not have a little contest? Look up one of the million and three ways to fold a paper plane and then create this fun landing strip out of nothing more than tape. Add some fun by creating prizes for different points scored.

Laundry Basket Skee Ball

Even I love this one. Forget the laundry, dump that stuff right out and grab a bunch of balls and – if you’re me – explain that this is the one time it’s totally cool to throw balls in the house.

Building A Proper Blanket Fort

Yes, there really is a proper way to do this, but honestly, who cares, right? Grab some sheets and pillows and a few clothespins and let your kids construct an epic blanket fort wher ethey can hang out and read books, play with toys, and if you’re super lucky, maybe even a take a nap!