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Game of Thrones is the worst show

Photographer (Byline): Robert Galbraith Owner/Source/Credit (BDN): REUTERS

Confession: I hate “Game of Thrones” and I honestly cannot fathom why anyone watches it. After listening to people drone on and on about this violent series, I finally got around to renting it on Netflix. Here’s a quick question, on what planet is rape, forced marriage, and child murder entertainment? Just curious. I must […]

These are the official directions to get to the Frankfort Quarry

EDITED TO ADD: This post is intended as humor and not to be taken literally. If you are easily offended by satirical humor then please don’t keep reading. Thanks! You have to be coming from Bangor because that’s really the only way I know how to get there. Find Route 1 and drive until you go […]

New Maine publishing company features poetry for kids

This has been the summer of literary fun at my house. My kids have discovered poetry and have been reciting Shell Silverstein and Dr. Seuss at the top of their booming lungs. So, when I heard that BDN blogger, Crystal Sands of Pajamas, Books, and Chickens was self-publishing a children’s book of poetry written by […]