Houston has a serious diaper shortage and babies are in need

We’ve all watched the heart-wrenching news stories on the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has left in its wake. One question many people are asking is, “how can I help?” and with good intentions and open wallets, many people in the US have donated to food banks, charities, and other relief efforts to help the people of Houston and surrounding areas affected by the historic flooding.

One charity in Texas is trying desperately to get the word out that disaster relief does not provide diapers. For families with babies, this is a serious problem.

So, when I read that mothers in the Houston and surrounding area flood zones are having to go without adequate access to diapers for their babies, my heart broke. These families are already traumatized by a natural disaster and have been displaced. Access to food, drinking water, and medical supplies are in high demand, but there is an invisible need for diapers that volunteers can gather and distribute to families in desperate need.

The Texas Diaper Bank has been posting on ways the general public can help. In a recent post, shown below, the charity outlined a ‘Texas Diaper Bank Harvey Relief Donation FAQ’ and includes urgent information about what they are accepting for diapering and even breastfeeding supplies for mothers who are pumping and have lost their stored milk due to flooding.

The public can check out their Texas Diaper Bank Amazon Wish List here to purchase donations that will be immediately shipped to the charity. You can also follow their Facebook page for updates.

For information on other charities and how to avoid scams, read this.