Hackers are targeting Netflix users

If you use Netflix then you may want to pay attention to this new phishing scam targeting Netflix account holders.

Netflix customers have been receiving dubious emails that are impressively official looking and that warn customers that their accounts have a billing error and to “click here” to update their billing information. Hackers are apparently after personal information that includes banking, addresses, names, and other contact info. That’s the kind of information that a thief could use to steal an identity.

If you get such an email it is important that you DO NOT CLICK THE LINKS. Anytime you get an email from a business it is crucial that you look at the email address to verify that it is legit, and also double check the URL’s mentioned in the emails.


Netflix has a company policy of never asking for personal information which includes banking and billing information. If you receive any emails from Netflix asking you for information it is wise to give their customer support a call at 1 (866) 579-7172.