25 DIY Halloween costumes for kids

We LOVE to make things at our house. October means homemade decorations and treats, and epic costumes to wow the neighbors with. My kids have made hilarious costumes and had far more fun with cardboard, duct tape, and markers than they ever did with a store-bought costume that every other kid in town is wearing too.

Last year, we made jet packs out of empty soda bottles, cardboard, spray paint, and tissue paper. From start to finish it took an afternoon and that was mostly because of the drying time for the paint. With a few weeks until the most fun night of the year, we’ve got time to choose and start making those hilarious ideas into a reality.

This stupidly cute ghost dress

This hilarious take on pinatas

This cute and funny rain cloud

These marvelous old ladies

Sadness 🙁

Go as your favorite food group, like mac-n-cheese!

Trolls are super popular and this Troll hair is super easy to make.

A porcupine!

The classic scarecrow

This clever bulldozer

Is it a hipster? A lumberjack?

Wednesday and Cousin It

Go as your mom’s favorite drink

This fabulous pun


For parents with a knack for hot glue guns and pinking shears…this owl


SHUT UP…this is too cute…

A wind-up toy

A bunch of grapes

For your baby in a baby carrier…

Audrey and Marilyn

Business in the front, party in the back

A fart. A FART, people! This is too funny…


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