Happy Hour

Having a blog at the Bangor Daily News has a lot of fabulous perks. If I get a story featured on the home page of the BDN website then I get to sit back and watch my audience grow to astronomical numbers for a day. This is thrilling!

But being a BDN blogger has its down side too. Writing in the mom blog world sometimes means digging deep to find my inner Peggy Bundy. The problem? My inner Peggy occasionally drinks and always swears, which isn’t exactly appropriate for the BDN.

So what is a girl to do?!

It turns out that there is a whole world of sassy lady writers who are frequently published on blogs that have millions of readers. So, after a couple of glasses of wine I got up the nerve to submit a story. And then a few days later I was published! This feeling of instant popularity was stupidly intoxicating and so I kept at it and now I have something of a resume forming.

If you like the Housewife Plus blog then you can consider the following published works Housewife Plus Happy Hour.

DISCLAIMER – Please kindly note that a majority of the following links to my published work are humor. They are not intended to be serious. If you are easily offended by imperfect parenting or by sentence enhancers then this work is probably not for you.

Please feel free to share by using links to my work. But don’t be a goon about it and copy and paste my stuff onto your blog or the bathroom wall. Credit is credit, y’know.

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RESOLVE: (noun) Firm Determination To Do Something

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