House Guests

House Guests

Not being one to hog all of the attention, I occasionally invite other fabulous bloggers to drop by with a fancy-pants guest post. The best way for moms to create a community is to share their experiences. And so, in the spirit of community building, I am proud to introduce you to some writers you may not have laid eyes on yet.

Miranda Gargasz – A Thousand Pictures’ Worth

Our Parenthood Adventures – It Won’t Always Be This Way

Oh, Honestly! – 4 Things About Childhood That Have Changed Forever

Menopausal Mother – From An Empty Nest To A Full House

After the Couch – Five Ways Being A Mom Changed Me That I Didn’t Expect

Graceful Mess – The Reason I Didn’t Cry When I Took My Son To Pre-K

Abandoning Pretense – Henry Ford Was Wrong: Sometimes When You Think You Can’t…You Can

Emily Ballard – Why Motherhood Will Never Not Be A Contradiction

Foxy Wine Pocket – 8 Life Lessons From A Foxy Grandma 

Outmanned Mommy – Pregnancy Nostalgia: What If She Is The Last? 

Pixie.c.dThe Apple Peeler 

One Funny MothaA Renovation Might Kill US Or How To Know When It’s Time To Move 

Laugh LinesStep 1: Pre-Heat The Oven Step 2: Hose Down The Cat 

Good Girl Gone RedneckWhy I’m Thankful For Blogging

Mommifried – A Snow-Covered Turkey And Thanksgiving Chicken Nuggets 

Detached From LogicAmerican Doll VS Third World Doll

Worlds Worst Moms – Would Your Kid Survive The Mommy Wars?

Welcome To The BundleThe Gift That Keeps On Giving 

Girl, Always InterruptedMotherhood Isn’t Beautiful

Modern Mommy MadnessAwkward Family Photos 

Is It Bedtime Yet?Crawling After My Toddler With No Pants 

est. 1975The Day I Almost Ate An Earwig 

The Incredible Adventures of The Malleable Mom – Back to School Tip: Getting Rid of Head Lice

Christina Antus10 Signs your babysitter is a dud 

Hemophilia Alliance of Maine (HAM) – Project CALLS helps Maine hemophilia families overcome obstacles to care

So Then Stories – Just Found Out the Funny Reason My Friend’s Husband Is Mad at Her (and I Agree with Him!)

Rubber Shoes In HellOne Mother’s Reaction To The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Catching Health with Diane AtwoodFive Killer Stress Busters That Made Me A Better Mom 

sKIDmarks“Orgasmic birth” cannot possibly be a real thing, can it?