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Dear obnoxious neighbors, knock it off with the all night patriotic party


Since when did being patriot mean being obnoxious in public? The Fourth is not about carousing around with the sounds of celebratory gunfire a la the Wild West, this is a civilized state with people who want to enjoy the Fourth with some dignity, so please respect your neighbors who don’t want to listen to your private fireworks show and your drunken singalongs until the break of dawn.

Mom writes a letter to Santa

[Tweet “Mom Writes A Letter To Santa”] Dear Santa, What the ever-loving hell? I thought we had a deal, man?! In exchange for me telling my kids some insane story that you show up in the middle of the night with gifts that would appease their impulsive little hearts YOU would put the fear of […]

Dear mom, you were right

[Tweet “An open letter to my mom….about how right she was about everything.”] Every Monday I host a guest blogger in my House Guest series. It is a great chance to introduce new writers to you and also a great chance for me to learn more about the nuances of blogging. On occasion I will get lucky […]