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Show us pictures of your worst Maine summer traffic nightmare

show us your worst traffic pictures

We’ve all been there. You allot the amount of time Google Maps suggests for your journey from Point A to Point B and even add an extra 20-30 minutes in just to be safe. And then, halfway through your drive, traffic slows to a crawl, or even a complete halt. Suddenly, you’re going to be late for dinner, or to check into your hotel, or to meet your Grandma for lemonade.

Dear obnoxious neighbors, knock it off with the all night patriotic party


Since when did being patriot mean being obnoxious in public? The Fourth is not about carousing around with the sounds of celebratory gunfire a la the Wild West, this is a civilized state with people who want to enjoy the Fourth with some dignity, so please respect your neighbors who don’t want to listen to your private fireworks show and your drunken singalongs until the break of dawn.

5 Signs you’re an Internet troll

[Tweet “5 Signs You’re An Internet Troll”] As a blogger with connections to writers all over the world I hear a lot of complaining about the trolls ruining the comment sections of articles, especially those posted on the bigger blogs like Huffington Post or Scary Mommy. My own work has earned the gaze of trolls […]