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Listen To Your Mother: Bangor announces local chairty for 2015 show


[Tweet “LTYM Bangor Announces Local Charity: SPRUCE RUN WOMANCARE ALLIANCE”] We are SO PROUD to announce that the LTYM Bangor 2015 show will be raising funds to help support the truly marvelous Spruce Run Womancare Alliancefollow! During the May 7th Listen To Your Mother show Bangor, we will be donating 10% of all ticket proceeds to the Spruce Run […]

Real woman workout


[Tweet “Real Woman Workout”] It is a new year. Lists have been made. Resolutions have been firmly committed to. Perhaps even a few have been broken. At some point in my resolution making for this year I decided that I wouldn’t put things like diet, workout, organize my house….etc because I never stick to those. Today it occurred to […]

RESOLVE: (noun) firm determination to do something


[Tweet “resolve with love and grit”] I dislike resolution lists. But every single year I compose a list of all the grand To Do’s that I am convinced will make me a better person. I can tick off the usual suspects lose weight, quit drinking, don’t swear, volunteer more, organize my house, take up whatever […]

Lof is all you need


[Tweet “Lof Is All You Need”] It is no secret around my house that 2014 has been a tough year. Our family experienced a significant cancer scare. My oldest son underwent an intense surgery that ultimately transformed the way we deal with his hemophilia treatments. We all caught Whooping Cough despite having been vaccinated against […]

Mom writes a letter to Santa


[Tweet “Mom Writes A Letter To Santa”] Dear Santa, What the ever-loving hell? I thought we had a deal, man?! In exchange for me telling my kids some insane story that you show up in the middle of the night with gifts that would appease their impulsive little hearts YOU would put the fear of […]

Backseat cooking: a Thanksgiving cautionary tale

Thanksgiving Turkey

[Tweet “Backseat Cooking: A Thanksgiving Cautionary Tale”] photo credit: tuchodi via photopin cc My husband is the worst driver. The. Worst. Driver. He is always gawking at everything but the road. He spots rare birds. He spots a chair in that yard sale back there. He fidgets with the radio. While he is swerving around […]

Happy FIRST Birthday, Housewife Plus


[Tweet “Happy FIRST Birthday, Housewife Plus!”] Blogging is dumb. I heard that a few times when I started the Housewife Plus project. The first few months I wrote were boring, unfunny, and totally in secret. No one knew I had a blog. I wrote about everything in the beginning. I had no centralized theme or […]

Meet some Scary Mommies


[Tweet “Meet Some Scary Mommies And Lend A Hand To A Fabulous Cause”] Scary Mommy is a community of writers, readers, and parents that celebrates – and often pokes fun at – imperfect parenting. Jill Smokler, founder of Scary Mommy has put together an original and superbly funny holiday anthology that will make you laugh, maybe even cry […]

Listen To Your Mother 2015 is coming to Bangor, Maine


[Tweet “Listen To Your Mother 2015 Is Coming To Bangor, Maine!”] I am thrilled to announce that Listen To Your Mother 2015 is coming to Bangor, Maine! I have been bursting at the seams trying to keep this a secret for weeks, but now that the official announcement has been made I am permitted to SHOUT FROM […]

5 Reasons to try NaNoWriMo


[Tweet “5 Reasons To Try #NaNoWriMo”] November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which is a fun if not rather ridiculous challenge to writers to compose a novel of 50,000 words between November 1st and the absolute last second of November 30th. Once the writer has finished the novella-sized tome it is then uploaded into […]