Mom bloggers lash out in hot debate after recent school shooting

Housewife Plus is a humor mom/lit parenting blog. There is rarely anything more diabolically polarizing than poop stories or funny complaints about my crazy toddlers posted here. This morning my internal Mom world was rocked when I read an article on Scary Mommy authored by a clearly angry and passionate Mom Blogger and teacher on the topic of gun control.

My blood boiled.

Let me tell you why.

This author is a teacher. She had just watched horrifying news on the recent school shooting in Oregon and she got angry. Enough is enough, she said. So she wrote her thoughts and feelings out in a short but hotly penned article to the popular blog, Scary Mommy.

What happened next stunned me.

Instead of an intelligent debate about how to protect our children – and our right to bare arms – folks just beat the snot out of this woman’s article. It was miserable to watch unfold. After comment number 80 I stopped reading. I expected more from the readers and commenters at Scary Mommy.

I never step into this political stuff, but here is my view. My two cents.

I live in Maine. I cannot relate to how the rest of the country lives because our great United States is one giant patchwork of cultural perspectives that are geographically and historically segmented. But here in Maine – for the MOST part – people seem to me to be right thinking and considerate.

I don’t see gun totting extremists waltzing into Target in Bangor sporting semi-automatic rifles and then blitzing Facebook. You know why? Because I am pretty sure Mainers have a bit more tact and class than that. These brazen folks are giving those who support the right to own guns a bad name.

I love a good debate. I love that we all have different views on every topic under the sun. But I do not love how impulsively rude and out of control folks seem to get when something as important and urgent as the topic of gun control comes up.

What are my views on gun control?

I don’t think that getting rid of guns is the answer. Nor do I think that arming everyone and the baby is the answer. Choosing to own a gun is a personal decision. I do not care if that decision is wrapped up in the desire to hunt or to protect one’s person from perceived threats. A right is a right is a right.

HOWEVER. I also feel like guns don’t belong in schools or hospitals, or in Target for that matter. I don’t think folks with mental illnesses ought to be able to have access to guns (or any other weapon!)

I think that since our government can’t seem to get anything right, it only makes sense that we pick up a sensible national conversation on why guns are so darn important to Americans and perhaps begin to discuss the difference between dangerous intent and safety measures. You know, be smart about it.

Gun control is a hotly debated topic, no doubt. I’m sure I will receive hate mail or angry comments for this post. I just ask that we all seriously take a minute to reflect on our feelings and thoughts and express them in a way that doesn’t degrade or distract from the importance of this topic.

There. I said it.

Sarah Cottrell

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