5 Ways Halloween is more fun for the parents


It’s Halloween and at our house there is a flurry of activity – and the sun hasn’t risen yet. Our kids have lost their little minds over the excitement of dressing up like little ghouls and running around the streets of our village town square collecting candy in their brightly colored plastic pumpkin pails.

My husband and I are equally as excited as the kids. Since becoming parents we’ve realized that Halloween is more fun in these 5 ways!


While the kids are still young enough to not have hardened ideas about what being cool is, we can still convince them to wear homemade costumes. Cardboard robot with dryer tubes for arms? Check. Jet Pack made out of plastic soda bottles and tissue paper? Check. Arrow through the head? Double check.


Ok, sure, my husband and I are not going to let the kids watch Poltergeist, but we will – and that movie still freaks me out! As the kids do get older we are introducing classic movies like The Goonies, Ghostbusters, and E.T. They aren’t terribly scary but they are fun and they grab the spirit of Halloween in just the right way to reawaken that inner child whimsy.


At our house we let the kids have absolute control over the decorating. This explains why I have 27 paper pumpkins in my dining room windows and 4 flying ghosts in the living room. There is a skeleton tied to the tree out front with fishing wire to make it look like it is sitting there, picking its nose, on its own accord. The scarecrow is missing a head a la Curious George’s No Noggin. Our house is spooky as defined by a 5-year-old and it’s fabulous.


Sure, we don’t actually get to collect candy, but we get to run wild down streets dressed as monsters and it still feels thrilling. Watching the little kids skipping and hearing them screech in delight is so sweet. The way their eyes grow as big as full moons while they approach “haunted houses” or as they drool over the chocolate bar that got tossed into their plastic pumpkin. They wait an entire year for this. And so do we parents.


I would be lying if I said we play the Switch Witch or limit candy consumption the night of Halloween. The sugar rush is inevitable and since it is one night a year we turn a pirate patch covered eye. What the hell, right? When the kids go to bed my husband and I raid their stash and gobble up our unfair share of unnaturally colored candy amazingness.

Halloween is a fantastic holiday not just for the kids but for the parents too. While the sun is finally coming up and the kids are already asking to try on their make up and costumes I find myself getting just as giddy!

Have a happy and safe Halloween from Housewife Plus!

Sarah Cottrell

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