10 Worst excuses for not RSVPing to that party

10 Worst excuses for not RSVPing to that party

10 Worst excuses for not RSVPing to that party


I have thrown my fair share of birthday parties, surprise parties, backyard BBQ’s, reunions, dinner parties, and soirees. The number one thing that annoys me is when a guest doesn’t RSVP. You know what that does? It makes planning an event nearly impossible to figure out. Who is coming? How much food do I need? How much time and money will this cost me?

Sure, I could plan on buying enough pizza for 35 kids when only 7 show up leaving me with a dinnertime math problem. Of course, I could be gracious and improvise with my 12 cupcakes for my 15 guests because one of those guests thought it would totally be cool to show up with 3 extra kids. And yeah, I guess I could simmer down and not get mad after planning that surprise party for months when the guest list of 40 has only 3 RSVP’s and the caterer needs a deposit of $200.

You see where I am going with this?

All of this could have been avoided with a simple YES or NO to the RSVP. But some folks have a plethora of excuses for why they just can’t handle the simplest of manners. I’m talking about these 10 total BS excuses for being rude:

1) You are waiting for another, possibly better, option to arise.

2) You are too embarrassed to say no.

3) The host/hostess should know that they have multiple kids and are offended that only one kid was invited the party.

4) You are too busy to remember or respond.

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5)The ‘no’ is implied by silence.

6)It’s not like a formal dinner with dignitaries, so the hostess should get over it.

7) You’re a first time mom and therefor clueless.

8) Since you’re close to the hostess you didn’t think the RSVP applied to you.

9) You didn’t put a “respond by” so I didn’t.

10) Isn’t RSVP just a thing you’re supposed to put on invites to make them look fancy?

People. It is not difficult to RSVP. Just in case you forget what an RSVP is or what the etiquette for an RSVP is let’s take a quick look:

According to The Emily Post Institute an invitee should respond within two days of receiving an invitation to an event. Not only that, but you should RSVP in the manner in which the invitation instructs you to. Because, hello manners.

If you’re waiting for something better to come along then just RSVP no to the host. If your plans change then you can always call the host back later and say, “Hi! Our plans changed and if there is still room then we would love to attend your event.” Chances are that the host will say yes, and if anything else the host will certainly appreciate your manner!

Now listen, I completely understand that life gets busy and we have 17 things to remember when our minds can really only handle 7. I get it. But that is absolutely no excuse for being rude. If you get an invitation to a party then do your part and take the one-minute asked of you to pick up a phone or open an email and give a simple yes or no response.

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