Ten epic pumpkin carving ideas that you should try this year

Halloween is a handful of weeks away and with it comes the fun ritual of decorating or carving pumpkins as your favorite ghoul. This tradition started with Irish immigrating to America with folklore from their home country where people carved turnips with burning embers inside to ward off evil spirits. Pumpkins, not being native to Ireland, would eventually replace the turnip in America and become an iconic part of one of the most popular holidays in the US.

Star Wars

Who doesn’t want the force to be with them this Halloween?

Googly Eyes

Kids will flip for these fun pumpkins that are out of the world.

Even Fido is a source of creativity

A ghoulish sense of humor

Find some clever uses for the stem or weird oddities on your pumpkin and turn it into a funny face.

Who doesn’t love Minions?

Get the kids involved and paint some pumpkins to look like everyone’s favorite yellow minions.

The curse of wicked black cats

Don’t let these scary cats cross your path!

A mooning scarecrow?

You gotta admit, this is pretty darn funny. Would you put this in your yard?

Country charm

This is a pretty simple and cute way to adorn a pumpkin.

For the overachiever in your life

This is amazing. Ah-mazing.

Of course, the scary pumpkin

Because no Halloween is really complete with out this guy.

Show us pictures of your pumpkins!