Four ways to clean spray paint off your car


Did you see the news this past weekend about some jackass punk who sprayed painted vehicles at a Trump rally in Bangor? Now, I don’t care how much you dislike a candidate, and I fully get that during even a smoothly run election season that tensions can still burn on a setting as high as rage, but that does not excuse vandalizing private property because you got your panties in a twist over a group of people exercising their rights to free speech and freedom of assembly.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, here are four ways to get spray paint off your car without losing your mind or spending a small fortune.

If you catch it fast enough use soap

Believe it or not, if you catch the spray paint fast enough and it is still wet our tacky you can use blue Dawn dish soap and very hot water to get it out. You may end up with a blurring from paint residue, and if that happens then skip to number two.

Acetone – yes, nail polish remover

Grab some acetone, which is also known as nail polish remover, and soak the tip of a flannel rag with it and rub GENTLY in small circular movements to lift the paint. You may end up going through a vat of this stuff, but it will work. Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area, like not inside a garage so that you don’t give yourself a raging headache from the fumes or worse.

Meguiar’s Clay is basically magic

You know what, skip the first two steps and go straight to this one. This amazing kit is simple to use and won’t hurt your car’s intended paint job. Meguiar’s clay “safely removes surface bonded contaminants,” which is what you need here. While gripping the clay in your hands like a rag, you rock it back and forth over the spray paint and the clay will lift it off. MAGIC! When you’re all done give your car a good waxing to protect the affected areas then hit up the local car wash.

Brake parts cleaner

You will know if this is a good option to use if you can safely chip off pieces of the spray paint with your finger but it is too dry to use the soap and water option. Brake parts cleaner will act much like the acetone and dissolve the paint enough to wipe away. It is a good idea to wax when you’re done.

After you get the spray paint off your car – and probably enough expletives for the next year out of your system, it is wise to wax the area you cleaned and then take your car to the car wash for a deluxe hose-down.

Good luck. Let’s hope the cops catch these jerk vandals.