What should I do with my kids on a rainy day?

The weather forecast calls for rain (sad trombone sound.) If you’re a parent this means scrambling to find something to do to entertain your kids who will inevitably start climbing the walls (at my house literally) with all their excess energy. Here are a few ideas to keep them busy and you sane.

Break out the cardboard, tape, and scissors

cardboard adventures

Bake something awesome

owl cupcakes

Make some goofy art projects

goofy mask

Build some towers

build something

Flip a bottle


Convince the kids to wash the floors by calling it indoor ice skating

indoor ice skating

Ask your kids what this is


Here are a few great websites for kids:

  1. Go Noodle will get their wiggles out and – fingers crossed – tire them out enough for a nap.
  2. PBS Kids has an amazing library of activities and videos features characters your kids will know and love.
  3. Spark curiosity about the world over at National Geographic for Kids.
  4. Need a good book? Far Faria has tons of children’s books to download.
  5. Get those little brains excited with Curious World.
  6. For the little gamer try these educational games at Fun Brain.
  7. And of course, there is always Netflix.