Behold, DIY chicken sweaters are a thing


The Internet is a goofy and bizarre place. You can find almost anything in an instant, like, say, chicken sweaters. You read that right.

Apparently, people are making knit sweaters for chickens because they fear that the fowl are too cold in the winter months. The last time I checked, chickens have evolved to live in cold climates just fine. But you know, what the heck does Mother Nature know?

The theory that started this bizarre fashion trend by pro-chicken sweater people stems from the act of rescuing featherless birds from large-scale, industrial chicken factories where birds routinely peck out their feathers in distress. If you are rescuing chickens from a massive facility that mistreats their chickens then more power to you, but I would hope you’d be smart enough to work closely with a licensed farm veterinarian to resolve what is clearly a significant health issue for the chicken and not put a wool frock on it and call it good.

According to Internationally respected backyard chicken expert, The Chicken Chick, sweaters are a terrible idea for your hens. She points out that not only do the sweaters interfere with the bird’s ability to regulate its own internal temperature but it also prevents them from being able to preen themselves, which is a vital step in healthy feather growth. Basically, she says to put the sweater down, people.

And finally, there is this guy. He is my new favorite thing about the Internet. If you feel compelled to use a chicken sweater, then try this.


Moral of the story? Say no to stupid trends on the Internet.