Beyonce is pregnant with twins, this is not a drill

Stop what you’re doing right now and behold:

Beyonce is pregnant and having twins with husband Jay Z, and Beh fans everywhere are freaking out, because HELLO, IT IS BEYONCE!

The Carter family announced on 2/1/2017 that they are expecting two new additions to their family in a lovely if kind of odd looking Instagram image of Beyonce wearing a veil and underwear while seated in front of what can only be described as cloth flowers found in bulk at Jo-Ann Fabric.

The Carter’s welcomed their only child, daughter Blue Ivy into the world in 2012 and while there is no due date set yet, my best guess, based only on pregnancy announcement etiquette, is that Beh is due sometime in June or July.

Beyonce and JayZ caused quite a stir when their daughter, Blue Ivy was born in Manhatten at Lenox Hill Hospital and they shut down the maternity ward with their overzealous security team and demands for privacy that prevented new parents from accessing their newborn babies in the nursery and the NICU, including this dad. There was a firestorm of media backlash over this. Must be nice to be the queen, amirite?

Here is hoping for a healthy pregnancy for Beyonce and her babies. Congratulations to the Carters!