Monthly Archives: March 2017

Everything you thought you knew about Lyme disease is wrong

Spring in Maine means lots of wonderful things like erratic temperatures, snow squalls and crocuses, and mud season. It also means that ticks are coming out to play and they are looking for fresh blood to suck and infect with their nasty buffet of diseases. Of particular concern is Lyme disease, which was the focus […]

10 Saint Paddy Day treats for the whole family

I love Saint Patrick’s Day. There are fun crafts to do with the kids like those amazing examples of leprechaun catchers floating around the Internet, yummy treats to consume, and the thought that with this holiday we are *thisclose* to ACTUAL spring. Here are ten fun ideas for treats that will wow your family. Enjoy! […]

A simple recipe a toddler can make

What do you do when your kids have been couped up in a house for nearly a week? Last week, my kids got sick with some ungodly kid germ that causes a whole bag of fun: vomiting, fevers, lost voices, and aches and pangs, you name it. At one point, we were all living on tea, […]