How to make your own air conditioner for under twenty bucks

Maine gets sweltering hot in the summer, but having an AC can be expensive on the electricity bill, not to mention they are loud and heavy. For as little as $20 you can make your own AC unit and impress your friends with some sick MacGyver skills.

You’ll need a cheap desk fan, a styrofoam cooler, a plastic PVC pipe that looks like the venting tube from the back of a dryer, a marker and a knife for cutting.

You take the lid off your cooler and trace the end of the PVC tube on one side and the fan on the other. Then cut out a hole for the pipe. Cut our a hole for the fan, but at an angle so that the fan doesn’t fall through. Use the tape to secure the parts. Fill the styrofoam cooler as high as you want with ice, turn on the fan and BAM. Instant AC.

For detailed instructions, watch this quick video by YouTube user, Mike Opelka that explains and shows you how to do this project neatly and quickly. One commenter noted that in humid areas (hello, Maine) you may want to use frozen jugs of water instead of dumping in a bag of ice chunks because as the ice melts, the AC unit will pump moisture into the already uncomfortable summer air.

Stay cool!